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Full service parsing of resumés/CVs and vacancies/job orders by the most accurate parser in the world, using our recruitment-centred taxonomy of over 2 billion terms. You can try it out right now.

AI / Machine Learning

All CV and vacancy parses contribute to our taxonomy of roles and skills. These are then machine/human curated. Full disambiguation of similar terms, e.g. “project manager” in IT differentiated from “project manager” in construction.

A full product suite of tools to enable companies to analyse recruitment data including: career path analysis, skills gap analysis and fully up-to-date roles/skills valuations.

Cross-Lingual (Winter 2018)

CVs and vacancies can be parsed in all our supported languages. Cross-lingual capability means you can search for jobs or CVs in one language using either that language or any other of our supported languages.

Custom recruitment search & match technology, utilising the full power of our taxonomy, currently powering live job boards in the USA and Europe.

Online demo available right now – no sales bull – no account sign up – most parser demonstrations are shrouded in secrecy – we have nothing to hide or gloss over.

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