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Full service parsing of Resumés/CVs and vacancies/job orders by the most accurate parser in the world, using our recruitment-centred taxonomy of over 2 billion terms. You can try it out right now.

AI / Machine Learning

All CV and vacancy parses contribute to our taxonomy of roles and skills. These are then machine/human curated. Full disambiguation of similar terms, e.g. “project manager” in IT differentiated from “project manager” in construction.

A full product suite of tools to enable companies to analyse recruitment data including: career path analysis, skills gap analysis and fully up-to-date roles/skills valuations.

Increase candidate engagement

Use Reshufl to reactivate dormant candidates by showing them their next job using our Next Job Predictives tool, and build better candidate short lists by matching skills and experience profiles to your vacancies.

Custom recruitment search & match technology, utilising the full power of our taxonomy, currently powering live job boards in the USA and Europe.

Contact us today for a free online demo – most parser demonstrations are shrouded in secrecy – we have nothing to hide or gloss over.  We’ll demonstrate how Reshufl can immediately improve your search & matching results.

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